Causes of Late Talking Children

Speech and language is essential to support the child's intelligence. There are many factors that can cause this crucial ability impaired.

Although in many cases of late talking children due to lack of stimulation of the surrounding environment, but there are some medical disorders also contribute to entrainment of child speech.

Son of late talking can be caused due to abnormalities in the child's mouth (oral motor), such as disorders of the palate and the tongue is too short which led to the inhibition of the movement of the tongue to produce a word.

Oral-motor problems also cause communications in areas of the brain in charge of generating the words become inefficient. This will make the child difficulty using and coordinating the lips, tongue, and jaw, to produce the sounds of the words. Children who have oral-motor problems also usually have difficulty eating.

Hearing loss is often a cause of the child's speech difficulties. Because it was during the examination of growth and development, speech pathology expert will usually perform a hearing test first.

General growth disorders, such as autism, mental retardation, or cerebral palsy can also cause impaired child's ability to communicate.

Consult your pediatrician expert growth and development so that appropriate action can be done so that the child's development of speech can be in accordance with the development of age.

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