Smoking cessation with "Cold Turkey"

smooking cessation

Cold turkey is a term for the way Smoking cessation, how this is done by cutting the entire intake of nicotine into the body in any form. It has become common knowledge, that the consumption of nicotine by smokers in the long term will lead to dependence. With this he cut the intake of the body, the body will surely inflamed and suffer physically and psychologically.

Withheld goal total nicotine intake is to euthanize the smoking addiction. Addicted to nicotine, essentially the same as addiction obat2an, this type of addiction can not be fought at all "head to head" such as by reducing smoking every day, or put PV on the assumption that a current regular cigarette will feel uncomfortable, ... etc..
There is no single person in this world strong against addiction. Stop smoking and do not replace it with other nicotine intake Day2 face further without nicotine, only then, nicotine addiction can be put to sleep.

There is no other way is as effective as "cold turkey", another way is done by exchanging the smoking habit with another habit. In the end it's should be paid well, sadly, there are still people who achieve this advantage. Another way is not to teach the ex-smoker to face the next Day 2 without replacement product. Often they doing Smoking cessation, but now so users stay or NicoDerm nicotine lozenges (nicotine patches) that usually ends up being a smoker again after so long a loyal user.

"Cold turkey" is the way that is not easily taken for Smoking cessation, what more if you are young, healthy, beautiful, dashing, wealthy. Not to mention, you will suffer physically 3 days early, then during the initial few months of a psychic, smoking will trigger a desire to smoke with temptations 1001 (junkies mind). This situation sometimes makes irregular emotional ups and downs. Brain will turn on or create a character from the nicotine as - if nicotine is a living being, be your faithful companion. Yes, ... you must be ready for all of that, once the decision to Smoking cessation. If not ready, ... Smoking cessation should not, go ahead, you just throw away - waste of time.

Another important point to note, that once you are a smoker, you are still a smoker. Even if you've managed to stop a few years, it is by no means eliminate your smoking habit. Only with one puff of cigarette, then in the next 1-2 weeks you've become active again even with smokers that more allotments. If it started smoking, cigarettes should just buy a lot because it will be hard to stop again. Therefore always keeping every day to not smoke and get serious with the decision Smoking cessation. It is a matter of life and death. Smoking cessation is not a joke, there is no place at all funny when you return to smoking, it is a sad.

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