3 Things For Up Weight Loss Due to Lack of Sleep

Research shows a connection between sleep enough ideal.Tidur weighing less than eight hours cause bad eating habits that can add weight .

Studies by the University of Pennsylvania revealed people awake between 22:00 until 04:00 tend to drink more calories . People who sleep less than eight hours , the average caloric intake of 553 calories increases .

The study also revealed that lack of sleep can lead to some bad eating habits that could potentially increase the weight . Include the following:

* Lots of eating in the morning .
Research shows that lack of sleep participants admitted hungry in the morning and breakfast with more servings , and the next day so frequent snacking . Researchers say lack of sleep in one night alone cause a person to eat more because of the triggering of ghrelin , a hormone that stimulates appetite .

* Not stop eating junk food .
If lack of sleep , the brain will trigger impulsive action and makes you choose your tinggi.Sehingga calorie foods will tend more often eat junk food like pizza and donuts . Healthy foods like fruits and vegetables is not tempting . According to research at the University of California , Berkeley , part of the brain that are used to make complex decisions disturbed and part of the brain that controls the desire to become stronger .

* Snacking afternoon uncontrollable .
According to research by the University of Chicago and the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee , lack of sleep triggers the body to release a molecule called 2 - AG , which triggered hunger . Study participants who slept only 4.5 hours had a higher molecular levels . These higher levels ahead of the afternoon , so the higher cravings .

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