Migraines Not Lupus Disease Symptoms

Pain in the head or migraines are often regarded as symptoms of lupus disease. But according to recent studies of migraine is not a part of such autoimmune diseases but side effects because patients feel stressed by illness.

Lupus disease itself does not have typical symptoms so difficult to identify. Symptoms experienced by people with Lupus Disease depends on which organs are affected, such as joint pain, prolonged fever, tiredness, weight loss, or headaches.

Dr.Dimos Mitsikostas from Greece who conducted a study on the association of migraine with Lupus Disease say there appears to be errors in the methodology of previous studies stating migraine more often found in Lupus Disease patients.

American College of Rheumatology also mentions headache and migraine as part of a spectrum of symptoms of lupus.

"In the lupus disease, headache is strongly associated with quality of life and bad mood. If a Lupus Disease patient complained of headache, need to be checked whether the conditions and emotions whether happy or not is a secondary cause of headache," he said.

He added that doctors should do therapy and Lupus Disease headache as different things.

In his research, Mitsikostas and his team conducted the study with participants from Lupus Disease patients, healthy people and patients with mulitple sclerosis, who were asked to make notes about the period of headaches experienced during the year.

Just like lupus, multiple sclerosis is also an auto immune disease where the body's immune system attacks the nervous system.

The whole study participants had a frequency of headache which is almost the same a year before the study period, except in patients with Lupus Disease who experienced headaches more frequently. The results are also similar in the study period. However, chronic head pain occurs more frequently in Lupus Disease patients.

Meanwhile migraine attacks tend to be lighter and shorter duration in patients with lupus, but the degree of tension-type headache lighter.

The researchers also found symptoms of anxiety and lower quality of life experienced by most patients with Lupus Disease compared with the control group and MS patients. Similarly, with depression status.

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