The Signs of Fake Orgasm

As a man, will be proud if they could lead their partner to reach orgasm. Unfortunately, not all women can reach climax during sex and they are often dishonest to admit it.

According to a recent survey reported by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, 85 percent of men said their partner could reach orgasm during intercourse, whereas women who admit to the top only 64 percent. This means, quite a lot of women who pretend to a climax.

Trigger hard orgasm was different, ranging from stress, anxiety, less confident with her body shape, feel anxious about their sexual performance, sleep deprivation, are in a hurry, until the fear of pregnancy. "So it was natural that sometimes women fake orgasms," says Emily Nagoski, author of Good in Bed Guide to Female Orgasms.

Orgasms are difficult to translate. But signs of a woman would "explode" because of the stimulation received may actually be recognized because of stimulation of the sexual organs and the response will transmit vibrations to the body.

So, how to determine whether he's a real orgasm or just pretending? "You can only know from experience," said Jolan Chang, book writer of "The Tao of Love and Sex".

Body's response to intense stimulation on the sexual organ is actually an individual so that no one patron who apply equally to all. But in general, he says there are some signs a woman is experiencing the intensity of stimulation that grew stronger to become an "explosion" called a great orgasm.

"Her hands and her stomach will be more warm and at the same time his words become unclear because of his breathing became more rapid. Her body was soft as jelly and a wet tongue," said Chang.

Orgasm is a total response of the body, not just an event on the pelvic and sex organs. When the body releases the pressure is rising through the orgasm, the vagina and uterus to contract rhythmically. In addition, high sexual vibrations will cause the contraction of facial muscles, legs, or hands.

Besides it takes hours to fly high, to distinguish between fake
orgasm and genuine orgasm is tricky. Moreover, by imitating the sexual scene pictures or videos, orgasm expression can be easily imitated.

The real issue is figuring out why the pair faked her orgasms. In addition to the emotional intimacy, women need a partner who understands how to stimulate and which parts did not like.

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