Prevent Escherichia coli , Sprouts should be cooked

Agency food safety and disease prevention European Union recommends that sprouts or sprouts that will be consumed cooked first. This appeal followed outbreaks of Escherichia coli (E coli) in Germany and France.

In addition to avoiding raw foods, the food safety agency also recommends that consumers do not grow sprouts for own consumption and only eat the sprouts are cooked.

A report issued by the European Food Safety Authority in Italy and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in Sweden said, sprouts are often sold in combination and vegetables during the repackaging is possible contamination.

Before the outbreaks of 
Escherichia coli, sprouts are classified into a healthy food for salad mix.

Although the Indonesian people in general prefer cooked foods, but according to Dr. Anis Karuniawati Sp.MK, Chairman, Department of Microbiology Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, vigilance is still necessary to avoid the 
Escherichia coli bacteria.

To prevent the possibility of dangerous bacterial infection, said Anis, there are at least three steps can be taken. First, avoid eating raw foods and wash vegetables with boiled water to reduce the number of bacteria. Second, cook food / drinks properly, until cooked through. Third, wash your hands with soap and water before eating (or with a hand sanitizer).

From Europe reported, at least 48 people in Germany died from the outbreak of new strains of 
Escherichia coli bacteria that caused by sprouts. Meanwhile, in France the cause of the outbreak is also suspected since the sprouts and left 10 people ill.

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