Patients with Anorexia, trend or disorder?

Every woman would dream of the ideal body and trim. This makes them justifies any means to obtain the body like a celebrity idol. As if obsessed, restrictive diets are felt not enough causing a disease that brings them to the phenomenon of anorexia nervosa. Then, if the anorexia is a kind of disease or trend that many celebrities embraced world-class?
Anorexia nervosa is a disorder, not a trend. Anorexics usually marked by changes in body image itself, fears the emergence of extraordinary will of obesity, a refusal to maintain normal body weight, so they insisted on a diet desperately to get super skinny body. Most anorexics are women. Not surprisingly, because if it is associated with the issue of beauty, women are more easily 'bullied' including a picture of the ideal body (or super skinny) to be called 'beautiful'.

Many patients who die at an early age, and at least five to eighteen percent treated for anorexia subsequently died of starvation or suicide. This disorder usually appears at age 17 and very rarely found in women over age 40. This problem can be triggered by events that trigger depression, such as removed from the campus.

Anorexia may occur only for the short term. But anorexia is usually a chronic disease that comes and disappear or deteriorate over time.

Symptoms that arise

So far the exact cause is unknown, but social factors appear to play an important role.

People with anorexia will feel happier and more successful if they managed to lose weight so that it becomes more slender. Because they feel with body fat becomes unattractive, unhealthy and environmentally undesirable.

Symptoms of malnutrition that accompany anorexia include constipation, indigestion and abdominal bloating, dehydration, muscle cramps, tremor, grow fine hair on the face, back or arms, breasts increasingly flat, dull hair, thinning and brittle, dry skin and chapped , cold hands and feet, irregular heartbeat, depressed and anxiety.

Meanwhile, the patient felt 'normal' and there's nothing wrong with it, so it does not feel to the doctor.

Treatment of anorexia is difficult because they assume there is nothing wrong with them. Indicated for people with less than six months, need not be specially treated in hospital, just want attention, affection and care from family and closest associates.

As for people with anorexia are more serious, should be under the guidance of a doctor who specifically handle and change his diet and taking medicine the doctor ordered in order to recover as usual again.

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