The number of diabetes patients Double Up

The number of diabetics adult in today's world reached 350 million, up more than double in 1980. High blood sugar levels and diabetes is estimated to kill 3 million people worldwide each year.

Researchers from Imperial College London and Harvard University analyzed the blood sugar of 2.7 million people aged over 25 years in several countries and use the results to estimate the prevalence of diabetes globally. In 1980 there were 153 million people have diabetes, up to 347 million in 2008.

The results, published in the journal The Lancet that said, there are two main factors that cause an increase in diabetes, namely the increasing life expectancy and weight gain, especially in women.

"Our research results indicate that diabetes is a disease easily found all over the world. This contrasts with hypertension and cholesterol, which began to decline in many countries. Though diabetes is more difficult to prevent and overcome than other conditions," said Majid Ezzati of the Imperial College London participate in conducting this research.

The most striking increase in diabetes seen in the Pacific island nation. In the Marshall islands for example, one of three women and one in four men over there suffering from diabetes.

Uncontrolled diabetes will lead to complications such as stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and nerve damage.

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