Muscles Recover Faster, thanks to Chocolate Milk

Isotonic drinks or sports drinks become a favorite of many people after physical activity. But the two latest studies concluded chocolate milk is the ideal drink to restore the physical stamina after exercise.

"Athletes or people who exercise for fitness alike will get optimal physical recovery if they drink low-fat chocolate milk after working out hard," said Dr. John Ivy of the University of Texas, Austin, USA, who conducted this research.

Those who drank chocolate milk after exercise also has a composition body with more muscle mass and less fat. In addition to longer endurance, and generally better physical shape than the participants who consumed a sports drink that contains only carbohydrates.

Research conducted by Ivy and his team carried out comparing the benefits of physical recovery among those who drank chocolate milk after exercise with a sports drink that has a composition and the same amount of calories in sports drinks on the market.

Testing is done by asking the 10 athletes bike to ride a bike for 90 minutes at moderate intensity and then increased to a high intensity for 10 minutes.

The researchers found athletes to have more power and pedaling faster if they eat low-fat chocolate milk drink compared with a sports drink or a calorie-free beverages.

The researchers also tested 32 men and women amateur cyclists to exercise speed (spinning) five times a week followed by consuming three drinks that were tested.

The result, after 4.5 months of exercise, drinking chocolate milk has increased in terms of maximal oxygen uptake compared to the other. Maximal oxygen uptake is an indicator of aerobic endurance athletes and the ability to exercise continuously.

The amateur cyclists of chocolate milk group also set up more muscle and trim more fat during exercise.

"We are not sure the mechanism that causes the low-fat chocolate milk gives this benefit to the athletes. But naturally combined protein and carbohydrate in these drinks may have influence," said Ivy.

In addition to drink right after exercise, he also reminded the importance of three-minute recovery period after exercise

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