Infertility is Disease

Impaired fertility or infertility are often regarded as a disorder. In fact, infertility is one disease on the human reproductive system. The impact could be fatal, the occurrence of infertility. Impaired fertility is a disease. Where the disease can affect both partners. In contrast to cataract disease, thyroid or heart disease that only one patient. If the two patients impaired fertility, reproductive system disorders the problem may originate in the brain, ovary, uterus, or in the abdominal cavity, tumors / cysts.

To find the cause of fertility problems, can be carried out consultation and physical examination, ultrasonography (USG), histerosalfingografi (HSG), and sperm analysis. Even if required, can be performed hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and hormone laboratory, immunology and genetics.

It is important for the couple to perform the examination or consultation with your doctor about fertility problems. Check at least one year after marriage and had sexual intercourse regularly. But, if women are over 35 years and no history of infections, endometriosis, and menstrual disorders, have been married 6 months should be directly examined. Do not wait one year, later is too late. the examination of fertility disorders should be focused on your partner, not husband or wife alone.

Husbands and wives are encouraged to attend with each inspection visit fertility disorders, so that they understand the explanation, the choice and the advice given and get the same opportunity to ask directly.
History of the disorder and medical treatment before the couple husband and wife, are indispensable for the determination of the problems experienced by them.

Regular consultations will provide an opportunity for physicians to review and explore the results of the examination and determine further treatment. Examination of fertility disorders begins with detailed questions about past medical history as well as fertility and general physical examination of the husband and isteri.Kemudian, the doctor can recommend a healthy lifestyle that support fertility, giving good advice coitus, makes planning the next inspection and wait for the result .

Abnormalities of the reproductive organs as a factor multiplying the cause of fertility problems, can generally occurs in infancy, pre-adolescent (10-12 years) and adolescence (13-18 years) and can be immediately known, and most can be handled medical.

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