Healthy Traditional Ingredient for Andropause

What Is Andropause ?

Andropause is a phenomenon of decline in men's health as menopause in women. When menopause is characterized by cessation of menstruation, andropause is not known signs. Even so, rapid fatigue and decreased arousal in men aged 40 and older can beread as one sign. Andropause usually affects the lives of men aged 40-60 years. Unlike menopause is characterized by cessation of menstruation, the unknown man entered the phase of andropause symptoms. Of the various existing literature, the symptoms of andropause may be summarized as follows: decreased testosterone levels, decreased arousal, fatigue, loss of energy, as well as decreased libido and physical strength.

Why andropause appear?

Andropause is a phenomenon experienced by every man's health. Testosterone levels in men reached its peak (100 percent), in the range of 20 years of age. At the age of 80 years were only about 20-50 percent. Average reduction of about 2 percent per year. Normal levels of testosterone in the blood is 500-1100 mg / ml.

There are several factors that influence the decline in testosterone levels, ie, lifestyle (lack of exercise, smoking, stress), diet (alcohol, cholesterol), pollution, obesity (overweight), and the wrong treatment.

Many men claimed to have andropause syndrome. The signs restlessness, irritability, fatigue, depression, decreased libido, memory, concentration, and passion.

Therapy can be done to relieve andropause syndrome

1. Medical Medical: Injectable testosterone, Gel hormones, hormone implant (to a doctor's supervision).

2. Herbs / herbal medicine:
- Reconstructive, improve liver, neural (including memory), and blood circulation.
- Increase the power (stamina), immune system, hormonal system and improve.

3. Psychological / psychiatric:
- Train and encourage sufferers to enhance confidence in her abilities.
- Create an environment that supports the creation of self-confidence.

In particular, treatment using herbs is intended to improve sexual function disorders. Another goal, namely improving the hormone androgen, overcome fatigue, and increase stamina and vitality.

Here are two recipes herb concoction Andropause from Luke Tersono Adi:

1. Potion andropause I (increasing the hormonal system)

¥ Eurycoma longifolia: to overcome the sexual problems of men, nutritious improving blood flow and stimulate spending androgen hormones.
¥ Pimpinella pruatjan: merit increase libido, improve sperm quality, and as a tonic.
¥ java pepper: give a warm effect on the body, refresh, and enhance the vitality of the body.

How to use and drinking rules: Prepare 2 g bark earth peg, 5 g purwaceng, and 0.5 grams of chili Java. Boiled with 2 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup, use a small fire. Let stand, drink 2 times a day each _ cup. For restoring the body's stamina and increase vitality, drink 1 cup a day. Do it until the body feels fresh.

2. Andropause Potion II (reproductive health)

¥ Stachytarpheta mutabilis: effective way to deal with complaints in male reproductive organs such as the prostate.
¥ Orthosiphon aristatus: as anti-inflammatory (swelling) and peluruh urine (diuretic).
¥ turmeric rhizome: stimulates the gallbladder wall to increase the secretion of bile that play a role in the  breakdown of fat.

How to use and drinking rules: Prepare 5 g leaf cat whiskers, 2 g of leaves nasty shard, and 10 grams of saffron kitchen.

Boil 3 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup, use a small fire. Let stand until cool, drink 3 times.According to Luke, the above ingredients can be combined with a beverage made from basic ingredients, ie, red ginger,
fennel, gotu kola, or red galangal. Usefulness repairing the nervous system, controlling blood lipid levels, and improve liver health.

Lukas Tersono Adi is herbalist from Herbacure Center, Bintaro, Tangerang, Indonesia


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