Breastfeeding, bond beetwen Mom and Baby

Every mother would want to have a close and intimate relationship with her baby. Strong bond between mother and son would later affect the child's confidence. The most effective secret bond according to the experts is to breastfeed the baby.

Providing breast milk , in addition to providing the best nutrition for infants, it also improves the bond between mother and child than mothers who formula fed their children. Research also shows that mothers who breast-feed have the strongest brain response when hearing her baby cry.

This is evidenced by studies that held the team from the Child Study Center, Yale University, USA. They divided the mothers into two groups. A total of 9 people breastfeed their babies, while eight mothers formula feeding. The mothers were then tested MRI one month after the baby is born.

When the mothers were performing MRI tests, they played two baby crying sound recordings, namely their own baby crying and crying baby. The whole brain is more active when the mother heard the cries of their babies. However, the strongest brain response seen in mothers who breastfed. Pilyoung Kim, developmental psychologist from Yale University, explains, there are many factors that contribute to the high sensitivity of the brains of breastfeeding mothers. "Not just because they give milk, but also because the levels of hormones and other personal experiences," he said.

Hormone levels, for example, vary greatly between mothers who breast-feed and no. Oxytocin, the love hormone that helps the emotional bond between mother and child, will be released naturally as a mother breastfeeding her baby. Nevertheless, according to Kim, aspect of psychology may also play a role. "Mothers who decide to breastfeed reflects a tendency to be more empathetic to their babies. Determination to give breast milk as a baby in the womb also enhance the bond between mother and child," he said.

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