Beware with Computer Eye Strain

For you who work in the office, might have heard that named computer eye strain. This condition is a medical complaints most frequently filed by office workers. Eye strain or could be construed as an eye sore or tired eyes, occurs when the eye is too forced to look only one direction in a long time. Eye strain can occur anywhere, eg on the road when driving long distances, at home when watching a movie marathon, or in bed while holding a good novel that you can not stop reading it.

However, the most common trigger in front of eye strain is a computer screen. Sometimes you do not realize've worked so long at the computer and did not realize your eyes are very tired. The eye has a lot of small muscles that work when we're typing. After a full day's work, those muscles get tired and when that happens eye strain and pain.

What are the symptoms of computer eye strain? Headache, stiff neck, itchy or dry eyes, watery eyes, unfocused vision, double vision, trouble concentrating into a computer screen, the colors on the screen look out of tune, like glowing computer screen.


Of course, eye strain can be avoided and you can still work in front of a computer screen. Among others, by blinking more often. While I was working in front of computer screens, flashing to be reduced five times than the average. In fact, do not blink cause dry eyes, headaches and itchy eyes. Also arrange for time to rest more often. Target a five minute break every hour worked at the computer. So the eyes can refocus.

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