7 Unhealthy Kids Favorite Food

Children who are obese or overweight are more and more are found, especially in big cities. The phenomenon of obesity in children is inseparable from the diet applied by a parent.

Busy in work to make parents forget to notice the quality and quantity of intake of healthy foods for their children. Because of the parents as well, most children tend to prefer to consume foods with taste delicious, high calorie value, but lower nutritional content.

Whatever the reason, parents should be able to control the diet of children, and as much as possible to give food tailored to their nutritional needs.

In meeting the needs balanced nutrition for children, the choice of food becomes very important. Among the many types of food, here are 7 (seven) types of favorite foods among children, but their consumption should be limited. In addition to its caloric value is very high, these foods also contain fat and sugar levels are high, so that can lead to obesity:

1. Chicken Nugget

These foods are most often appear in the list of children's favorites. The basic ingredients of chicken nuggets are usually pieces of chicken with the skin is high in fat. In addition, salt and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is often used to add flavor.

Sara serving fried in hydrogenated oils make nuggets contain high levels of trans fats. Not to mention when eaten with the addition of a high-fat mayonnaise sauce. Undoubtedly, this is the food delicious, but a low nutritional value. In every 100 grams of chicken nuggets (6 pieces) is estimated to contain about 300 calories with fat levels reach 20 grams. As an alternative, you can present a grilled chicken breast meat at home. Serve with a pleasant atmosphere for example, use cookie cutters to motivate children to eat homemade meals at home.

2. Sweetened cereals

Sweetened cereal is one of the favorite choices of the child. Parents should be much more selective in choosing cereals on the market. The reason, some cereals are now mixed with chemical preservatives, hydrogenated oils and artificial coloring. Cereals from whole wheat is best choice for your child's breakfast. You can make it more enjoyable by adding nuts, raisins, fruit and banana slices.

3. Processed Meat

It is inevitable that some children also liked the food from the material processed meats such as sausages, burgers and other processed products. In fact, excessive meat consumption is known to cause cancer, and high in saturated fat and sodium.

A study in Los Angeles concluded that children who ate 12 servings of hot dogs per month greater risk of developing leukemia. For a healthier choice, eat non-processed meat products like chicken without fat or various types of freshwater fish or saltwater fish.

4. Sugary drinks

Consumption of high sugar-containing beverages such as bottled juices or soft drinks to excess can cause obesity and tooth decay in children. Recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the consumption for children over 6 years of no more than 235-350 ml.

For the best selection, get used to make fruit juice with the original at home. Children also need to receive education regarding the importance of drinking water. Familiarize the children to always carry water in their bags.

If your child does not like water, you can add some real fruit juice in it to add a little flavor. Low-fat milk as a source of calcium, protein and Vitamin A, can be a healthy alternative beverage choices for children.

5. French fries

It is a popular snack among children and adults. These foods have a high content of fat, high in calories and high in sodium, and fried using hydrogenated oils that contain trans fats.

In addition, research has shown that heating foods such as potato crisp in extreme temperatures trigger a carcinogenic substance called acrylamide. You can choose to introduce carrots or celery in children instead of french fries. Sliced ​​potatoes baked with a little olive oil is also a healthy choice.

6. Donat

It also includes favorite foods of all walks of life. But unfortunately, very low nutritional value. Doughnuts are fatty foods, sweet and high in trans fat content. The surprising thing is these foods are also often served as breakfast for the kids. Should serve donuts for dessert, but not at breakfast. It may be difficult to apply it to the child, but you have to start doing the strict control on this one.

7. Pizza

These foods can indeed be a better choice. But topping such as pepperoni or sausage containing carcinogenic nitrates. Excess amount of cheese will also add extra calories!

It would be better if you prepare the pizza made from wheat at home. Add the sauce-free fructose corn (HFCS), vegetables, cheese and a little later in the roast.

When you educate a child to eat healthy, you should also have to give an example. Remember, a child will usually observe any activity of the closest. So, when you lead a healthy lifestyle, your children will learn to do it.

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