Toothpaste and Bone Health

Sometime you want to take care of your teeth to avoid the disease, cavities and the other with regular brushing, but can get side effects on bone health. A big question of course, because basically toothpaste that is often used in everyday life is one of the medications to treat the teeth to avoid dental disease even gave birth to a new disease, probably for the ordinary people who do not know about the health of your teeth like dentists will feel surprised and confusing.

For that please note that the toothpaste contains ingredients that can damage the health of teeth, one of which is the use of  fluoride found in toothpaste .Fluoride is a chemical that is contained in almost every toothpaste that we often use in treating tooth.Of the many types of toothpaste are always saying that fluoride contained in toothpaste good for teeth and can take care of your teeth, but in fact different.Some dentists showed the facts that toothpaste containing fluoride is more than would otherwise be damaging the health of the teeth.

Because flour is a natural mineral that can prevent the systematic destruction of the teeth if consumed during tooth growth.However, if the consumption of dental disorders can cause damage to teeth. In addition, fluoride can directly affect dental plaque.

According to dentist fluoride consists in two forms, namely topical namely to strengthen the teeth and systemic ie materials that enter the body and transformed into the tooth structure to treat dentin. But all that can be minimized by using toothpaste that contain low fluoridenya and always live consultation to the dentist, because each tooth has a different sensitivity. However, if you look back there are the traditional way we can do to treat tooth that is by consuming betel leaf.

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