4 main nutrients for optimal health

4 main nutrients for optimal health:

1. fiber
Ideally sourced from vegetables. There are over 100 kinds of vegetables that we consume. The price is affordable, and rich in vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, klorifil, and fiber.

2. protein
Is a 'brick' for building our bodies, such as muscle tissue, nerves, joints, organs, skin, and also very essential for the formation of hormones and antibodies (immune system). Ideally sourced from fish, chicken, soybeans, tofu, tempeh, nuts & others, also milk and meat.

3. water
70% of our body is water. Every day the body out 2 liters of water, and our bodies need to enter at least the same amount to maintain balance. Ideally, get a healthy water from natural sources like fruit, pure water that is packaged properly.

4. Essentail Fatty Acids (Essential Fatty Acids)
Are fats that can not be produced by the body but have tens to hundreds of health benefits. Ideally, obtained from natural food such as fish and nuts. But can also be obtained from supplements, like Omega-3, or food ingredients such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Approach to health and fitness is the most ACCURATE NATURALLY for a long healthy life quality.

"Vegetables and fruit are the supreme god of creation, healthy & affordable, that's where the real source of health. Reliance on man-made drugs more expensive is not the solution to a healthier life."

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